Vector Data

GEOSYSTEMS Polska offers spatial databases which are useful  as reference, background information as well  as comprehensive information source about the territory of  Poland. This is an author’s product of our company, applied in leading on the Polish market car navigation system AutoMapa®. Potential  users of this maps have opportunity to evaluate its value with use of the Targeo® map portal.

The database is being developed since the beginning of the company existence. Each day even several dozens of specialists are involved in this process. Data are being elaborated on the base of field campaigns (also applying survey vehicles) and Earth observation data interpretation.

Besides car navigation system and internet solutions our maps are useful also in geomarketing, spatial planning, crisis management, maintenance of transmission infrastructure, telecommunication and many others.

Road network covers numbered roads, streets in towns, paved or ground. The layer contains reach attribute table with about 40 attributers. It’s network analysis ready being equipped with all information needed for routes planning.

Railway network with base information on track category (single-, double-, multi-track, electrified, narrow etc.).

Administrative division containing most up-to-date information on three  level administrative division: voivodships, poviats, municipalities (districts), with full table information (names, statistical codes) for every division level.

Settlement base covering, besides its position, also reach table information like: statistical coding, category, population. The base contains over 90000 cities, towns, settlements and villages.

3D cities outlines with attribute of AMSL/AAT height elaborated applying photogrammetric methods. Using of high resolution aerial photographs assures expected accuracy. As a source of elevation information the most accurate technique of laser scanning is also applied.

Address points is the most accurate and up-to-date postal addresses database of the Polish territory. It covers complete address information for all Polish cities and towns. Each address is referred to a point reflecting real position of a centroid of a building, not for as a range stored in a road network. It is worth to mention that we offer a service of geocoding conducted with use of this address base.

Postcodes base presented in a form of spatial ranges (polygons) and points representing gravity centres of postcodes zones.

Hydrographic network polygonal and linear representation of water bodies and streams, with the attribute of a name, elaborated with use of topographical maps and interpretation of satellite imageries and aerial photographs.

Land cover / land use comprehensive information of spatial distribution of different land use and land cover classes (forests, built-up areas, industrial zones), being a backdrop information for remaining content of the database. This map was elaborated with use of topographical maps and interpretation of satellite imageries and aerial photographs. It is considered as information source of a unique spatial and thematic accuracy.


Vector data base are offered in a form of ESRI geodatabase or shapefiles. However it is possible to convert it to many of other GIS formats, as well to transform it to different SRSs. Each of maps described above may be provided separately, with tailored, accordingly with a customer needs, tabular information. In particular layer it is feasible to make a filtering of objects, if ordered.

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