Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is a group of distance methods of environment analysis used from a distance. The company leads and coordinates projects of various range and detail, using broad spectrum of image data sources; from aerial images for very detailed maps to the low-resolution satellite imagery for small scale regional studies.

Creating land cover maps is based on analysis of satellite and aerial images. Environment analysis, map updates and also electromagnetic waves propagation are among the most important applications of these land cover maps. From the point of view of consumer important role in creating of this product is definition of land cover classes, that should be considered and accuracy of the final dataset. This is crucial not only for the sake of meeting the requirements but also has influence on the choice of used remote sensing methods. Use of advanced methods of object classification and artificial neural networks in the process of production speeds up the study and improves cohesion of data comparing to the traditional visual analysis.

Analysis of environment changes describes the variability of environment elements in time. It requires use of imagery in various time frequency depending on the dynamism of the phenomena. This type of studies are useful for observing changes of both, natural environment and development of urban areas.

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