R&D and implementations

GEOSYSTEMS Polska takes a part in research and development works being led by scientific and industrial consortia, based on both Polish entities and intentional cooperation. We conduct also implementations on the field of geographical information systems and mapping of natural resources, infrastructure and land use. Thanks to realisation of many innovative enterprises we continuously collect necessary experience in the field of management or complexes tasks, and expend competences of the team.

In cooperation with scientific institutes, universities and other companies we look for new applications of spatial information, satellite imaging and positioning. We also try to promote them and improve techniques of their use everywhere these applications are known.  In research and development and implementation works our company id present in the following fields:

  • environmental protection
  • crisis management
  • spatial planning
  • geomarketing
  • agriculture

Remote sensing and photogrammetry basing on aerial and satellite imageries day by day become more complex domains. Optical, microwave and laser scanners are being used, commonly in multi-sensors systems carried by many different kind of vehicles. Thanks to our experience in processing of all of these data sources and wide range of 2D and 3D reference information, we successfully conduct evaluations of new sources of Earth observation data.

One of our basic procedures is fusion of imageries derived information, which guarantees geometric precision and the highest possible timeliness, with data from other sources, i.e. statistical, characterised by accurate and detailed thematic information.

In order to reliably analyse and fuse information about natural resources or human activities, one should take under the consideration geospatial position of objects and phenomena as well as their spatial relations. The basis of a procedure of geocoding (enriching information with geographical coordinates) is reliable and up-to-date reference database of administrative division, settlements, streets and buildings. GEOSYSTEMS Polska owns that kind of data for the territory of Poland, what also makes our company a valuable partner in projects covering spatial and non-spatial data fusion.

We invite companies and institutions interested in cooperation in R&D works and implementations based on geo-informational technologies.  Our goal is to realise manful, innovative ideas, improving profitability of business enterprises, civil safety and limiting adverse influence of the human economy on the natural environment.

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