Photogrammetry is a technology that allows to measure the target using methods from a distance, that is aerial photographs, satellite imagery or laser scanning.

Orthorectification is the basic task of digital photogrammetry. Ortho-image is a processed, cartometric form of aerial or satellite image or imagery that have the features of orthogonal projection. This process removes deformations caused by the terrain relief, thus for this purpose information about altitude in the form of DTM (digital terrain model) is important. GEOSYSTEMS Polska has rich source of such data which improves the preparation of othophotomaps. The next stage after orthorectification is mosaicking of each image and satellite scenes in one seamless, radiometrically even product. Leica software distributed by Geosystems offers advanced algorithms for the automatic radiometric equalisation and is used in photogrammetric production of GEOSYSTEMS Polska.

Creation of 3D City models is possible thanks to two basic technologies: stereodigitalisation based on stereogram of aerial or satellite images and laser scanning. Broad experience in stereodigitalisation and knowledge of data processing enables to prepare models of buildings for any given town with chosen level of detail. Additionally, GEOSYSTEMS Polska owns a set of building models for most biggest towns in Poland.

Creation of Digital Terrain Models requires use of suitable source of altitude information. Topographic maps, stereoscope measurements, satellite imagery, laser scanning or field surveys (with GPS/DGPS methods) are used depending on the final product destination. Experience in stereodigitalisation and knowledge of data processing enables to offer models of  buildings  for any given region of Poland. Additionally, GEOSYSTEMS Polska owns DTM data of various detail.

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