Phare MERA Land Degradation Mapping – Assessement of Soil Erosion in Poland

The aim of this project was to develop and apply consistent methods of collection and analysis of combined remotely sensed and digital cartographic data for the assessment, modelling and mapping of soil erosion in Poland.

It is quite evident now that remotely sensed data and modern GIS technology, used equally as a qualitative and quantitative tool, provides added insight into complex environmental indicators, processes and phenomena. It also facilitates comparisons between various geographic regions and helps to perform multitemporal analyses (change detection). This technology can be operationally applied for all types of geographic investigations performed at global, national, regional and local levels. On the other hand, our understanding of many processes and the relationships between environmental variables affecting these processes is in often insufficient. Detailed process studies carried out in the field and the laboratory can change this situation. As one soil researcher said: “Until a sufficient number of these studies have been carried out, the somewhat equivocal evidence of the way in which the soil erosion system operates must provide the foundation for evaluating the risk of excessive soil loss”.

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