Land use/land cover map

So called land use / land cover or clutter map, elaborated by GEOSYSTEMS Polska is a raster resource of resolution of 5 and 20 meters. Different information sources were used during its production, but it is mainly based on Earth observation data.

The main source data applied during elaboration of the land use / land cover map was set of imageries of IRS-P6 Resourcesat satellite of resolution of 5m. Analysis of ortho imageries was a double step method. The first was automatic, object-based classification conducted in the environment of Trimble® eCognition software. In this process imageries were divided to aggregates of spectrally similar pixels, named image objects, reflecting different types of land cover.

The next stage of work was visual refinement of automatically achieved results. During this process both satellite and auxiliary, aerial imageries data were applied. For urbanised areas use of high resolution aerial imageries assured high thematic accuracy of buildings types identification. In particular cases vector data form continuously developed GEOSYSTEMS Polska’s data pool were used. It was a way to acquire the most up-dated information as possible for classes of the highest dynamics like: built-up areas, industry, transport network. Entire map is being up-dated depending on availability of satellite source data.

It is possible to adapt thematic rage of the land use / land cover map on demand. Basic thematic range could be enriched with categories required by a customer. Adaptation could also result in limitation of a number of classes, change of resolution, format of SRS of the map.

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