GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology is used in many domains thanks to its universal character. We offer implementation or coordination of projects connected to tasks and subjects described below.

Geomarketing is a domain of marketing analysis that considers spatial context (spatial information) in the process of planning and implementation of marketing activities. GEOSYSTEMS Polska as the owner of significant number of spatial datasets with help of GIS software can offer market research for trade and services from different branches.

Geocoding is a process of attributing geographical coordinates to the named database. Database records must have an address information, the more accurate this information is, the more accurate geocoding will be. Those records that have only town name and street name cannot be geocoded better then with accuracy to centre of the street section. GEOSYSTEMS Poland uses the most accurate and most up-to-date database of building coding in the country. This layer has been created for needs of car navigation system AutoMapa® in 2007, thus it presents the higher level of accuracy. The layer is unique due to the fact that it is a full punctual numeration, where the geocoded address is attributed to the point and not to the range of numeration that is done in most geocoding applications. What is the advantage of the full numeration over the range numeration can be seen on the example of mountain resorts located in the valleys and locations in the western part of the country where numeration is chaotic, impossible to be presented in the form of range (from crossroad to crossroad). At the moment we offer geocoding for 1300 towns and locations in Poland and the database is constantly growing.

Solutions for telecommunication include waves propagations analysis used in designing cellular  networks and wireless internet. They require specialist software and spatial data about landscape character, land cover and 3D models of urban areas. Significant experience of the company in cooperation between telecommunication providers in terms of network creation and the fact of having suitable data allows to say that GEOSYSTEMS Polska in an expert in telecommunication solutions.

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