Euro-Maps 2D

Euro-Maps 2D it’s a mosaic Indian satellite IRS-P6 Resourcesat. It was prepared as real colours (RGB) composition for the entire territory of Poland on the base of ortorectified and mosaicked with high accuracy imageries of spatial resolution of 5m.

High resolution and accuracy of processing together with the homogeneity of the resource for entire extent make Euro-Maps 2D valuable data source for works in 1: 25 000 scale and smaller.


Euro-Maps 2D it is an innovative tool, allowing for decision making process improvement, being useful on different fields of economy and administration, where spatial contexts is important.

Euro-Maps 2D was the first resource on the market, which could assist integrated analysis for huge areas inside the country borders. Coverage for Poland is just an element of resource being elaborated for Europe and North Africa, what is important in trans-border projects. Euro-Maps 2D is the satellite orthomosaic of highest resolution which can be applied in the Internet.

Economic solution

The mosaic Euro-Maps 2D has unrivalled pricing schema, fulfilling high technical requirements. Guarantees the best possible up-dating thanks to the systematic acquisition of new scenes.

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