Elevation Data

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a dataset consisting of digital representation of information of terrain height in certain location. In the most cases this information is stored in continues, raster layer, where a cell value reflects average elevation in the area covered by the pixel. Between potential application of DEMs (Digital Terrain Models – DTM and Digital Surface Models – DSM) one of the most interesting is connected with flood extent modelling.

Elaboration of a DEM requires usage of proper elevation information source. Dependently of the final product application desired information is extracted from the following resources: contour maps, satellite and aerial stereopairs, microwave interferometry, terrestrial or aerial laser scanning. Basic resource of GEOSYSTEMS Polska’s DTMs is data on the level of 50, 20 and elaborated on demand 5m resolution products (with proper accuracy).

The offer is enriched with derivative products, which are mentioned above DSMs, containing besides information on relief also models of vegetation and buildings.

3D Cities

Our photogrammetric laboratory, besides production of DTMs and DSMs, regularly extends and up-dates an archive of 3D Cites models stored in vector formats (mainly for car navigation system and internet map portal needs). In some cases models are enriched with elevation and roof textures.  Such models become elements of photorealistic sceneries.


On demand we elaborate elevation models of areas of interest. Elevation data, DTMs, DSMs or 3D buildings are being provided in desired formats and SRSs.

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