Trimble | eCognition

Trimble® | eCognition is a world leading solution in automated analysis of image data, useful in all scales, from analysis of microscope images of cell structures to satellite imagery. eCognition software offered by Definiens enables to extract information from images based on in-depth analysis  that stimulates human perception processes. This is a so-called, object analysis in which separate objects isolated in the process of image segmentation are being analysed. Apart from radiometric statistical and geometrical features of objects the software analyses also relations between them, both horizontal (with neighbouring objects) and vertical (with objects laying above or below, on the hierarchically grouped levels of image segmentation).

Advanced methods of classification based on principles of fuzzy logic cause eCognition software to be an irreplaceable tool of image analysis. Results of these analyses, thanks to possibilities of exporting to the vector form, are easy to implement in the GIS environment.

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