Scientific and technical conferences of GEOSYSTEMS Polska and the Military University of Technology fulfill the mission of a panel of information exchange between scientific institutions, producers and service providers as well as consumers of solutions in the field of spatial information, mainly photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and GPS. Participants of the annual meetings focus on issues related to the acquisition, processing and application of spatial information, among which the following should be considered as the leading:

  • New, existing and planned sources of image information
  • Geoinformatic data for crisis management systems
  • The use of NMT to secure the topographical and geographical security of cities and important facilities
  • The use of high resolution satellite data in military reconnaissance
  • Short-range photogrammetry on services of the national economy
  • Photogrammetric studies for public and private institutions
  • Technical means of recognition
  • Analyzes in space and time
  • Ways of presenting vector and raster data
  • Decision support systems
  • Methods of visualization and distribution of spatial data
  • Integration of geoinformatic systems, interoperability
  • Qualitative analysis of geodata and models
  • Image databases
  • Network and corporate solutions in geoinformatics
  • Classification
  • Radar and hyperspectral data