Cartosat-1 satellite data quality assessment

Cartosat-1  is an Indian satellite – the 11th one in the IRS (Indian Remote Sensing) series designed to provide quality Earth imagery for telemetry and digital mapping. The satellite carries two panchromatic sensors capturing images forward (26 degrees) and backwards (5 degrees). Images are recorded almost simultaneously in both directions along the satellite’s orbit plane or with an inclination, if needed. The sensors cover the swath about 30 km wide with the resolution of 3 m (+26 degrees) and 2,5 m (-5 degrees).

The works covered the research programme aiming to verify the quality of the imagery acquired by Cartosat-1. The verification was conducted using stereopair of a test site located in Poland. The research team included engineers from Geosystems Polska and scientists from Military University of Technology, Warsaw. The imagery was processed with LPS software.

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