CLC+ Backbone

Modernized European land cover reference dataset

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Project GyroScan

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As a local partner of HEXAGON GEOSPATIAL we offer the whole portfolio of its software, including sophisticated brands like ERDAS IMAGINE, ERMapper, GeoMedia, ERDAS Apollo etc.

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Trimble eCognition

We are distributor of famous suite of software – eCognition used mainly – but not only – in the remote sensing applications thanks to its unique and efficient OBIA algorithms.

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Earth observation

We know how to read satellite and aerial imageries and how to convert it into up-to date information describing natural and anthropogenic phenomenons on the Earth’s surface.

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We provide services to very wide group of customers. All events have it’s spatial context, we can support you to interpret it in more accurate and meaningful way!

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Spatial Analysis, Geomarketing

You want to know what, when and where? We can help you to find correlation between multi-source data by means of multi-criteria analysis. We may help you to find an answer for your questions!

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Mobile communication

Majority of Polish cellular networks operators have chosen our digital maps for their radio-planning purposes. Your mobile phone is connected thanks to our precise and up-to-date maps.

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We provide photogrammetry and remote sensing training on each level of familiarity.

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If you have any question.

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